UI/UX Case study
The product:
An art auction app named ART TOUCH bridges the gap between traditional art auction services and the online fine art marketplace. With dedicated preview and gallery space, we offer both buyers and sellers unique and effective services. Our chat online with artists is another feature that attracts customers to cater to their artistic interests.
Project duration:
May 2021 to October 2021
The problem:
Bringing all types of art forms together with artists' interactions in a single platform.
The goal:
Design an art auction and search app where buyers can find their art interests at their fingertips.
My role:
UX designing ART TOUCH, an art auction app from conception to delivery.
Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, and iterating on designs.
Understanding the user
User research: summary
To better understand the users for whom I am designing and their needs,
I conducted interviews and created empathy maps. Participants from various age groups were chosen as the primary user category.
This user group confirmed the app's original expectations, but research also revealed that online search tools were not the only barrier preventing people from using online art galleries. Other user issues include obligations, interests,
or challenges that make it difficult for them to find art that they are interested in.

User research: Pain points
To find out the exact interest and search options of art material from different ages of people.
This app is going to design for the age group of 25-75 with a wide range of people from society to consider their accessibility.
It is focusing on a group of people with old age groups, so its needs to design the navigation with less complexity.
Persona 1: Marie Brown
Problem statement
Marie Brown is a retired healthcare worker who needs easy access to book some paintings through an art gallery auction app because she loves to collect art materials and wants to connect with the artists.
Persona 2: Sherin Kadathungal
Problem statement
Sherin is a Scientist having a strong interest in environmental science and climate change. Through art, his goal is to bring the value of science to environmental studies in a more creative way.
User journey map
Mapping Marie's user journey revealed how beneficial having access to a dedicated
art auction app would be for users.
Design Process
Paper wireframes
Taking the time to create paper iterations of each app screen ensured that the elements that made it to digital wireframes were well-suited to address user pain points. To help users save time, I prioritized a quick and easy search and chat online artists process on the home screen.
Digital wireframes
As the initial design phase progressed, I made certain that screen designs were based on feedback and findings from user research. In addition to equipping the app to work with assistive technologies, easy navigation was a key user need addressed in the designs.
Low-fidelity prototype
The low-fidelity prototype connected the primary user flow of ordering an art form and searching for art auction events, allowing the prototype to be used in a user usability study.
Usability study findings
I carried out two rounds of usability studies. The first study's findings aided in the design process, from wireframes to mockups. The second study made use of a high-fidelity prototype to reveal which aspects of the mock-ups needed to be improved.
Round 1
- Users want to make bids easily
- Users want to buy paintings with their own interest
- Users want to chat with artists online
Round 2
- Created a Login page initially
- Inserted an Add to Cart page
Early designs allowed for some customization, but after conducting usability tests, I added additional options to make bid easily and to chat online with artists option.I also revised designs so that users see all the customization options when they first land on the screen.
High-fidelity prototype
The final high-fidelity prototype presented cleaner user flows for using the Art bidding and ordering. It also met chat online with artists option.

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